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Projects We Are Proud Of

Healling Glaucoma book and related remedies

Healing Glaucoma

Our book Healing Glaucoma ranks on page one in Google for its title as a keyword, along with Harvard, Mayo Clinic and the National Eye Institute, and above Johns Hopkins... 

Our OcuHeal eye drops come in at #1 for "ocuheal" on RemedyMatch.com, #5 on TryUnity.net, and #8 at OcuHeal.com...

We are expanding our network of like-minded practitioners to facilitate referrals that arise from our public outreach, and as a network for access to new practice tools we develop and remedies we formulate...

A Clinical Theory of Everything

Clinical Theory of Everything

Google shows our DVD at #1 and #2 above Yale School of Medicine... Our videos hold two of the three slots, which also outrank the Yale listing.... One of our websites also ranks #4 and #5, above listings about Stephen Hawking... We take the final position for streaming services showing our videos, and 4 out of 6 images shown on Google's page 1 are ours as well...

Cataract Solutions book cover

Cataract Solutions

Our book Cataract Solutions ranks on page one in Google for its title as a keyword, along with Mayo Clinic, and above Cleveland Clinic...

Cataract remains the leading surgery in Medicare, and removing the crystalline lens does not remove the causes of cataract.

We're On Page One of Google Because Of You!

Wow... We weren't even showing up on page 1 for local Wellness Centers, and now we are already #2 in the 3 pack!

Rae Luscombe at Healing Oasis

Rae Luscombe

Healing Oasis Wellness Center

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